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The clean solution

Warewashing technology for hotels

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5 star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and warewashing.

We don't like to boast. So we'd rather let others review and assess our technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!


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AHGZ Best Marke 2017/2018 Spültechnik für MEIKO

It can't just look clean...

The number of hygiene regulations for hotels could fill a bookshelf and inspections take place regularly, as they well should. After all, guests deserve the highest levels of hygiene. MEIKO sets the standard in modern warewashing technology – providing a perfectly hygienic clean. That keeps you safe, with happy guests and a full house!

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Trust is nurtured over time: MEIKO has 90 years of experience.

There are so many suppliers on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. MEIKO is the safe choice: superior technology, service and advice, as well as 90 years of experience. That's a foundation you can build on.

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Sometimes it's better to communicate without using words.

Hotel staff are a diverse bunch – so it helps that MEIKO machines speak a universal language. Simple and intuitive operation is the hallmark of a MEIKO professional dishwashing machine for trade use. Progress through simplicity.

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