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The clean solution


Considerably more tableware with a third of the scullery room staff

The cooking factory Achern

"We clean considerably more tableware and I work with just a third of the team in the scullery."

Director of the cooking factory Didier Bentz has been managing the event kitchen with loft character since September 2015 – and has extended his offering with French influences, from Alsatian basics, to choucroute and beyond.

To Bentz, who hails from Alsace, learned his trade on Sylt and has already worked together with big names such as Harald Wohlfahrt, clean crockery is more than important: "Even if there's the smallest of marks on the side of the plate, this will have a negative effect on the guest's perception of the very best food!" He therefore, quite simply expects things to be clean, and simplicity is also the maxim when it comes to the operation of the UPster itself: "touchscreen, emergency stop button – the staff don't need much more than those to be able to operate the machine" – something which is reflected in the positive workplace atmosphere, and Didier Bentz is certain that his team very much likes to work with the MEIKO technology.

The indoor atmosphere has also changed: thanks to heat recovery technology of the UPster, the old days of hot and humid conditions seem a long time ago. Industry is also pleased to present itself here, as if in a show room. From Miele to Hansgrohe and Duravit to Zeyko, many companies are present, so much so that the professional has little wish for. The themes of design and professional work continue in the scullery, after all: "Here in the kitchen we are only separated from the scullery by a glass panel, and the cookery guests sometimes go their to clear their crockery away themselves. That means it's great when things look so stylish there," enthuses Didier Bentz, referring to the UPster​​​​​​​MEIKO.

The latest generation of pass-through machines also impress with what's on the inside, however: "We clean considerably more tableware and I work with just a third of the team in the scullery," reports Didier Bentz, who is now able to put his staff team to better use.