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    Coronavirus – measures and accessibility MEIKO

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    The coronavirus continues to spread daily, also in the Netherlands. We have adapted our organization to protect the health of our employees, partners and customers. We strictly adhere to the measures and advice of the Dutch government and the RIVM (National Institute for Publich Health and the Environment).

    Machine deliveries
    MEIKO Nederland makes every effort to guarantee security of supply. Our priority is given to the care sector to ensure that machines have the least possible downtime during this hectic time. Do you have temporary capacity problems? Let us know and we will try to help by making machines available temporarily.

    Also remember that the machines only function properly if they are equipped with the right chemicals. Make sure you have enough stock so that you don't run out.

    After-sales service
    Our service department remains operational as much as possible. We kindly request you to indicate clearly when reporting malfunctions where our technician must report, which protocols apply on location and which precautions are available.

    We will do our utmost to assist you. On behalf of all of us at MEIKO Nederland, we wish you much strength in these challenging times.

    If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or call +31 88 10 50 00. You can of course also send an e-mail to sales@meiko.nl or service@meiko.nl.