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Hygienically wash reusable cups and dishes

Improve consumer image with reusable cups made from hard plastic and reusable dishes.Sustainable solutions are being offered to customers by more and more caterers, including non-food caterers, restaurants and logistics companies providing reusable dishware services. MEIKO supports reusable dishware solutions for the HoReCa sector wherever they are needed: in stadiums, at festivals and on the road.


MEIKO convinces caterers, restaurateurs and reusable logistics companies with sustainable, economically interesting and qualitatively unbeatable results. With MEIKO's proven rinsing technology, hard plastic cups, which are mainly used at major events in stadiums or on festival grounds, are hygienically clean.

If you are looking for an alternative to disposable tableware or bamboo cups with melamine and/or formaldehyde, you can rely on durable hard plastic reusable tableware or the good old porcelain coffee cup - in combination with Meiko's proven dishwashing technology, you can offer your customers an ecologically sustainable solution that also pays off economically.

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It makes sense to go reusable

150 million tonnes of plastic waste is floating in our oceans. Consumers want change. At least 80 % of them are critical of single-use plastics. Politicians are responding and restricting their use more and more. A ban on single-use plastic items like straws, dishes, cutlery and cotton buds will come into force in the EU from 2021.

If you are looking for an alternative to disposable dishware and bamboo cups containing melamine then choose reusable dishware made from durable hard plastic or simply good, old fashioned porcelain coffee cups. Combine reusable dishware with smart warewashing technology by MEIKO for an environmentally sustainable solution that makes financial sense. These HoReCa entrepreneurs think so, too:

„Coffee to go in a plastic cup is a No-Go ”

Michael Andresen, Founder and owner of cup&more - Andresen Mehrweglogistik, Northern Germany

„We want to extend the life cycle of cups and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, but we also want to help our customers' customers achieve their sustainability goals.“

Mirza van Meerwijk, Co-founder and co-owner of CapStack, Netherlands

Clean solutions for

  • logistics providers working with reusable dishware
  • catering companies and food service managers
  • anyone using reusable dishware instead of disposable options

Find out more about dishwashing technology for reusable dishes made of stainless steel, glass, porcelain and polypropylene.

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