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    Bako is new Iceland partner for MEIKO

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    Bako Ísberg is a leading importer and catering equipment wholesale company and is based in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. “We are very excited to work with Bako Ísberg as our MEIKO partner in Iceland,” says Bart Jasperse, Managing Director MEIKO North-West Europe. “Bako brings a long history of experience and quality to our customers.” 

    Strong growth in tourism
    Iceland is currently enjoying a tourist boom. From 2010 to 2017, the number of tourists visiting Iceland increased by more than 470%, partly due to filming of Game of Thrones locations on the island. Catering is expanding on Iceland to cater for this increased demand, much of which is from the US. In 2018 the estimated number of tourists reached 2.5 million, while Iceland’s population is around 350,000. 

    “We too are delighted to be working with MEIKO for our warewashing requirements,” says Bako Sales Representative Jón Kornelíus. “Bako offers its customers high-quality, sustainable, added-value catering solutions, with a personal service. MEIKO provides the best machines in terms of dishwashing, but their tabling, sorting and handling solutions and their comprehensive spares service means we can confidently offer the very best warewashing solutions to our customers."

    Environmental performance
    “It is also relevant that there is increasing interest in environmental issues and recycling in Iceland. We have also worked with MEIKO Green Solutions to provide food waste recycling systems for our customers. “Even though our energy is mostly from renewable resources, Iceland is increasingly thinking about what is best for nature, so it was natural for us to look to MEIKO warewashing for the best environmental performance.”