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    Meiko Group continues to grow

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    Customer proximity is the magic word and is one of the reasons for Meiko to show even more presence in the Balkan region. The new Meiko office was officially inaugurated last week and is now positioned right in the heart of the Balkans in Belgrade. Reason enough to celebrate the start-up with trading partners accordingly. The invitation from Meiko Austria, based in Vienna, was followed by thirty local dealers and customers.

    Sebastian Hainz (Vice President of Sales and Marketing Meiko-Group global) underlines the importance of the start-up: "The markets in the Balkan region are highly dynamic. Meiko now has an excellent sales and service network in the region. The prospects for 2019 are therefore very good".

    The fortunes in the Balkans are managed by the team of Meiko Austria, based in Vienna, managing director Herbert Kregl: "The opening is not only an investment in the competitiveness of the company, but also a clear sign for our retail partners. We are very focused on this and would like to expand our relationships in the future, be closer to the customer and react even faster".

    The contents of the event were mixed: Company and product presentation, but also Austria's best sommelier Suwi Zlatic was represented with a guest contribution and pulled the audience into its spell. It was not only about the tasting of good wines, but also about the importance of high-quality glasses, such as mouth-blown glasses from the glass manufactury Gabriel. A good wine tastes best from a high-quality glass, it was agreed. Meiko then takes care of the rinsing - regardless of whether the glasses are industrially manufactured or hand-blown. With the right dishwasher with water treatment, such as the GiO module (reverses osmosis), the glasses are not only fast but also dry out of the machine.

    The event took place at the impressive Hotel Hilton in Belgrade, and ended with a cocktail party on the rooftop and an impressive view over the nocturnal scenery of the capital of Serbia.