The clean solution

KA 15 rack type dishwashing machine

Warewashers for butchers and bakeries – efficient and hygienic washing results

The KA 15 basket dishwasher is a powerful machine specially designed for butchers and bakeries, offering an automated, economical and professional solution. With its tremendously reliable transport system and highly effective power wash system, this container washing machine excels in the hygienic and eco-friendly washing of Euronorm containers, transport crates, and similar items of washware. This hygienic basket dishwasher is the perfect choice for bakers and butchers everywhere.

The KA 15 hygienic basket dishwasher also offers plenty of choice when it comes to configurations, accessories and additional options, so you get the most efficient overall package for your needs:

  • Technology and functionality that complies with the stipulations of the European Food Hygiene Directive
  • Also complies with the hygiene requirements of DIN 10522 for the commercial cleaning of reusable boxes and containers.
  • Wash zone with wash temperatures of between 55 and 60 °C
  • Final rinse zone with temperatures of approx. 85 °C
  • Blow off and drying zone at temperatures of between 60 and 70 °C with an angled track right the way through
  • Heat recovery
  • Feed and discharge tables, extensive range of table configurations
  • Container guide with basket turner

The perfect warewashing solution for bakers and butchers who need to get their Euronorm crates hygienically clean – fast!

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Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

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kW values of heating capacity can vary +/-5%

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