The clean solution

Reusable rather than single-use

Our NEW solutions for washing cups and bottles – easier and more sustainable than ever

Sustainability is a concept that has shaped MEIKO right from the start. Clean solutions must always be sustainable. In 2019, the F.A.Z. Institute even named us as an ‘innovation leader in green technology’ in a study.

And we continue to grow. Our approach: reducing plastic waste with intelligent commercial dishwashers. Allow us to introduce The MEIKO solutions for cup and bottle washing.

1. Raise your cup!

The problem with plastic

Our planet is drowning in plastic waste. And disposable cups are a big part of the problem. Both the general public and politicians are becoming more aware of this risk. All over the world. Even alternatives that claim to be environmentally friendly don’t provide the solution the world needs. To the contrary: They require more energy and resources, and still produce waste.

>> Read more in the MEIKO white paper: Avoiding plastic waste

The solution: washing reusable dishware

Ever since 2006, we have offered concepts for washing reusable dishware and reducing disposable dishware, such as to-go cups. Whether for catering at festivals or events with mobile flight-type dishwashing machines. Or for cafés, bakeries, schools and clubs with undercounter or hood-type dishwashing machines.

Tailor-made solutions for every need
With the M-iQ Cup

A newly developed M-iQ flight-type dishwasher – perfect for washing and drying plastic cups. For large-scale washing of cups that can be stowed right away


  • Spotless clean (DIN-compliant)
  • Perfect drying result (0 % residual moisture)
  • Cups don’t stick together, hygienic storage
  • Low operating costs
  • Capacity of up to 15,000 cups/h (DIN-compliant)
With the M-iQ

Ideal for quickly washing as many cups as possible for immediate re-use


  • Little space needed yet high capacity
  • Spotless clean (DIN-compliant)
  • Virtually dry cups for prompt re-use
  • Low operating costs and maximum efficiency
  • Capacity of up to 15,000 cups/h (DIN-compliant)
With the M-iClean H

The ergonomic solution for washing cups


  • Best cleaning and drying result in its class thanks to fine-tuned overall system: wash programmes, rack, rinse aid, drying table, rack detection, automatic hood system, weighted grid for light cups
  • Less time spent organising, more hygiene
  • No rinsing and barely any drying by hand necessary
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Capacity of up to 1,500 cups/h (M-iClean HXL)
With the M-iClean U

Cup cleaning – top results in the smallest space


  • Fine-tuned overall system: wash programmes, rack, rinse aid, ComfortAir heat recovery, weighted grid for lightweight cups
  • Less time spent organising, more hygiene
  • No rinsing and less drying by hand necessary
  • Minimal space requirements
Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Success story: washing cups

Innovative companies like cup&more from Germany and CupStack in the Netherlands are leading the way, demonstrating how mobile dishwashing and reusable cup management work. With MEIKO commercial dishwashers!

2. Let’s get tackling bottles!

For a cleaner environment

As a trend, sustainability is causing us to move away from disposable products more towards reusable solutions. This also applies to bottles. We are more and more often using glass bottles, carafes and jugs. And these have to be washed!

Bottle washing with MEIKO

No problem with the smart bottle rack system from MEIKO! And everyone benefits: operators, staff and guests or patients.

Two in one

In just a few flicks of the wrist, you can retrofit your M-iClean UM and M-iClean UM+ – converting the glass and dishwasher into a machine designed specifically to clean bottles.

16 at once

Sixteen bottles can be cleaned per wash cycle. And in the blink of an eye thanks to the short programme cycle time of the M-iClean U undercounter dishwasher.

The flexible plastic rack is suitable for a wide range of bottle sizes (up to a diameter of 114 Millimeter) and heights, and can even be retrofitted for all M-iClean UM and UM+ commercial dishwashers from 2009.


  • No new commercial dishwasher necessary, just a simple retrofit
  • Flexible, smart rack system for a wide range of bottle types
  • Saves time and costs compared with manual cleaning, with short wash cycle times
  • For the highest of hygiene standards: separate wash and rinse systems prevent water residue
  • Wash nozzles that are easy to clean and replace

3. On your marks, get set, bowl!

Well-rounded ware offers practical and sustainable option

Bowls are all the rage, and rightly so: versatile and well-rounded, they are the perfect choice of receptacle for your favourite dish! Bowls offer a sustainable way to safely stow hot or cold food. They are good for the environment and essential for the food service industry – especially since the EU banned the use of single-use plastic alternatives in 2021.

Delicious and sustainable takeaways

Bowls shouldn't be left on the shelf or piled up on the side. Their mission is to hold tasty takeaway treats for one customer after the other. That means you need a fast, affordable and hygienic way to get them clean. MEIKO's dedicated rack offers an easy way to get bowls back in the loop – sparklingly clean and perfectly hygienic.

Finding the perfect fit

Our hybrid rack for bowls is the latest in our line of modular racks for reusable ware. Simply slot the rack insert into place, and you're ready to go! It's perfectly designed to accommodate six bowls and their lids. And there's even enough space left for a cutlery quiver. So now there's nothing standing in the way of a delicious takeaway!

Remember: the easier bowls are to wash, the fewer you need to keep on the shelf. A great example of how smart dishwashing solutions pay for themselves several times over! The hybrid rack turns many of MEIKO's machines into bowl-washing powerhouses.

Perhaps you already have one of our racks for reusable cups or are thinking of buying one? This rack is another great alternative for getting bowls hygienically clean.

Benefits of MEIKO's racks for reusable washware:

  • Multiple solutions from a single machine
  • Turn your tray rack into a dedicated bowl rack in seconds
  • Accommodates up to six bowls as well as their lids
  • Also offers space for a cutlery quiver (CBS)
  • Quicker and cheaper than cleaning bowls by hand
  • Reliable hygiene keeps you on the safe side
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